Brand Refreshing in 2021: When To Tweak That Logo

The last year witnessed quite a remarkable number of changes in the marketing industry. The whole world seemed somehow more unified than ever, and brands started to evolve to meet the new “normal”. If you have been thinking of a do-over as well, the time’s never been more right! As the global economy is recovering rapidly, with more eyes on entrepreneurs and small-scale businesses, it is time to give 2021 a fresh start.


A brand takes years to build, to gain a faithful following and market value. It is not easy for everyone to recreate the same magic time and again. That being said, there is however a better way to create that freshness in your products, without the same amount of work evolved. Opting for a brand refresh, is similar to rearranging your furniture at home with a dab of fresh paint instead of totally moving elsewhere! More and more businesses are opting for a little tweak in their logo, a minor shift in the visual branding methods to stay up-to-date with the times. 


When to go for brand refresh?


  • To Stay Updated:

If you believe that your logo is no longer taking you places, then it’s time for a change. It is always good to first start with the basics, take another look at the finer details like your font, your colour palette before thinking about a total makeover. Sometimes the minor changes leave a bigger impact. 


  • To Stay Relevant:

This is the most common reason why brands go for a touch-up. In recent times where gender roles are being redefined, many brands have gone out of their way to show solidarity with it. As more and more awareness increases on social causes like global warming, pollution etc, brands are eager to showcase their participation by reforming their logos and taglines in support.


  • To Signify Growth:

Sometimes a merger or acquisition is also a reason for a brand refreshment. When Facebook took in Instagram and the in-app messaging system was updated, everything underwent a change. So growth can also factor in a brand update decision.


No matter how small a change, one cannot skip the research. While it may not be something as intensive as when doing a brand makeover, the key is to locate the message you wish to send across with your update. Always keep in mind that the brand defines the logo and not the other way around. 


Studying the market will give you a lot of insight in the Do’s and Don’ts of the times. Why some brands like Durex achieved success with minimalistic changes while Starbucks had a bitter sweet story to tell.


If you’re looking for a change but unsure where to start, you have arrived at the right place. For expert consultation and help with brand refreshing ideas, you can always connect with our team at logo raj  logo designer in Trivandrum. We will help you identity the key areas that could do with a brush over and empower your visual branding status.