The Strength of Your Brand worksheet is free.

The Strength of Your Brand worksheet is free.

The other day, I gave an e-commerce entrepreneur group marketing strategy training. Branding was one of the other topics we discussed. Someone stepped up toward the end and remarked, “But I’m a startup at the beginning of my adventure. It seems pointless to have a brand at this point. Sometimes branding seems a little illusive, like something you can’t quite pin down.
Nevertheless, consider what unites the world’s largest corporations. People all throughout the world are well aware of the values and reasons behind the decisions made by Apple, Coca-Cola, Louis Vuitton, Google, and other firms. Before they decide to hire you or purchase your product, your clients—regardless of the industry, stage, or product—must know who you are, what you stand for, and why they should choose you above rivals.

Branding enters the picture here.

Assume the position of your prospective client: what is the first thing they will often learn about your business before you have the opportunity to present your sales presentation or demonstrate your product? Brand you. Given the importance of first impressions, you should believe that that first encounter accurately represents your business and everything you want to be known for.
A logo alone does not make up your brand. It permeates every image, word, encounter, and interaction you have with your business. As such, having a strong brand allows you to establish a long-lasting connection with your client in addition to making a fantastic first impression.
Developing a powerful brand requires constant consistency, purpose, and strategy. Thus, your business, good, or service will be identifiable throughout time and place, regardless of language or nation, and your current or potential clients will know why they should select you time and time again.

How can you determine whether a brand you already have is powerful enough?

Let us first briefly review a brand’s components:
Visual identity refers to the way you appear and behave when someone first encounters your business. This can cover your packaging, collateral, logo, typefaces, colors, images, and overall look—online, in print, or in person.
Voice: Your customer-facing speech pattern. This includes the overall tone of your communications, the manner in which you write, and the manner in which your staff members interact with clients over the phone, in person, or online.
Your value proposition is the essential element of your company that makes you unique and gives you a competitive advantage. This may include everything from the way you present your products to your mission, values, and price point.
With a general understanding of what a brand is, you can assess the strength of your brand using our free brand self-assessment tool.


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